The MLC 2010 Board Loves The Work They Do

I truly enjoy being on the Board of the MLC – it is a great chance to work with people from other organizations in creating the first lean state – Michigan!  Not only do I learn from the benchmark trips and training events, I have also been able to give to the community by supporting the effort with the City of Detroit and bringing the lean groups within Michigan together.  As incoming chairman, I look forward to working together with the new Board once elected.  Good Luck to all of the candidates! – Jason Schulist

“Well, only 10 weeks left as Chair of the MLC. It has been quite a year! I am so honored to have served as chair of this organization with such passionate members. The drive, passion and energy that the membership has shown has really been invigorating. At any time please send me an email with comments, questions, thoughts or feelings about the MLC—what we are doing well and how we can improve. Thank you for supporting lean principles and helping to make MI ‘THE’ benchmark for economic success and re-creation of competitive advantage.” – Debra Levantrosser Setman

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Here’s What People Thought of the Mark Graban Event

“I thought this event was valuable and informative. I’m very glad that I attended.  Mark Graban’s examples and manner of explaining approaches and lean strategies were well worth the trip and time off work.” – Alicia Simmer

“The September 28th Michigan Lean Consortium meeting with Mark Graban as guest speaker was very enjoyable.  Mark is an excellent speaker and was very enlightening and informative on not only the upside of Lean in Healthcare, but also in pointing out the difficulties and hurdles that are characteristic of Healthcare.  I am very pleased with the progress that the Michigan Lean Consortium has made over the last year with both the training sessions available to members, but also with the guest speaker presentations.  I am looking forward to the next guest speaker, Mr. Russ Scaffede, I am certain he will also be very informative.” – Lester Sutherland

“I really enjoyed Mark’s presentation. He is very passionate about Lean and the way it can make a difference in people’s lives (literally). Thanks to MLC for hosting this event.”– Jason Schulist

More quotes coming soon…